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Richard Profile on Craft Store

Providing entertainment and Inspiration here on The Craft Store


Richard here. Totally new to crafting and eager to learn all about it. I think crafters are so clever and artistic and I’m in total awe of their creative skills. I’m really excited to join The Craft Store as it’s such a lovely, relaxed place filled with really nice people. Like one giant family....with added stamps, dies and foiling sheets!

As for me? Well, I’m a TV presenter and I’ve been doing it since the early 90s! I started out in children’s TV on The Disney Club on ITV and from there I became the roving reporter on Channel 4’s morning show The Big Breakfast.

Since then I’ve done tonnes of stuff - from sports broadcasts and travel/property shows to film review programmes and even hosting my own gameshow.

For ten years I was the main presenter of Sky Sports’ poker show. You’d think I’d be quite good at the game by now, but no.

I’m also a continuity performer - the voice that pops up in between programmes - and I’ve written and voiced the likes of E!, Quest, History, Syfy and Living TV.

I’ve presented thousands of hours of live TV so hopefully will feel right at home at The Craft Store. As for my spare time, I have a wife and four kids, so, WHAT spare time?! If I have any left over though I watch films. I’m a massive movie nerd. I’ve seen 1,967 of them at time of writing. Yes, I keep a record. Told you I was a nerd!


What crafts interest you/ would you like to try?

I’d like to try all of them. The one that looks the most fun though is stamping. There’s something

satisfying about rolling ink on to a die and then producing a really intricate picture.

What are you most looking forward to presenting on the channel?

Looking forward to all of it to be honest. There’s so much variety whether it be the different crafts,

or different guests and presenters I’ll be chatting to. ‘Let Loose’ should be a breeze though. I’m in

awe of Leonie who chats away for hours at a time whilst making amazing things. I’ll just sit back and

take notes! I’m also looking forward to getting involved in a bit of actual crafting and not just

watching on the sidelines!

What is your favourite hot beverage?

Coffee. It's all about the coffee! I probably drink it way too strong and way too much. One of my

great pleasures is sitting in a coffee shop and reading, while sipping on a flat white or cappuccino.

What is your all time favourite film?

I don't have a favourite because I watch so many. I watch anything and everything – old, new,

arthouse, blockbusters, foreign films. You name it. I love practically all of them! So, depends on what

mood you get me in. The one I’ve watched the most though, because I first saw it at the cinema as a

child and grew up with it, is the original Star Wars. Probably seen that upwards of a hundred times!

What is your funniest on-screen moment?

The one that jumps out was when I was presenting a live show from behind a desk and noticed there was a weird circular hole in it. So I crawled under the desk and stuck my hand up it making a joke to the viewers about how we might be on the set of a kids puppet show. And all of a sudden, I couldn’t move my hand! It had got lodged, and I had to see out the final moments of the show from under the desk!

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

I’ve flown a fighter jet (I should add, for a few seconds only. I was filming at a jet training academy. I

went up with an instructor pilot and he briefly let me ‘take the wheel’)

I’ve had brief golf lessons from Alice Cooper, Nigel Mansell and Will Smith!

I can solve the Rubik’s Cube in 90 seconds!