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Your Arts and Crafts specialists
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Natasha McCarty

Natasha McCarty The Craft Store Presenter

Sewing and Teaching others Crafts here on The Craft Store

Hi, I’m Natasha McCarty, although since setting up my new company in January, lots of people think my name is actually Natasha Makes!

It would be fair to say I have had a very varied career, everything from scenic artist to maths teacher, Equine learning facilitator to athlete… But I came back to Sewing when I was pregnant with my son seven years ago now. Crafting is my happy place, my relaxation and creative outlet. Over the last five years, what was just a hobby has now become my career, I have been incredibly lucky to have learnt from some of the best quilters and craft sewers we have in this country, not to mention having been privileged to interview and get to know some of the top designers in the World right now... it’s been quite the journey!!!

Now my mission is to bring you top quality fabrics and sewing accessories with projects that all levels can do. I am loving being part of the The Craft Store family....



Anything sweet


I don’t think I could manage the early starts without coffee


I have small children, are there even films that aren’t Disney?!


: In my early 20s I worked for the Royal Shakespeare company for four years, so met and worked with some incredible actors… Too many to mention! But Judi Dench always had a certain twinkle in her eye!


Again, I have small children… Are there any other authors apart from Julia Donaldson and David Walliams?! Before children I think I had read every thriller novel out there… But reading ‘The Secret’ change my life.


Well at home I am surrounded by horses, dogs (someone’s big as horses, we have 2 Great Danes amongst others!) and cats…


When did you first discover your love for arts and crafts?

As a child are used to see my grandma every Saturday, we would do and all sorts of soft crafts whilst watching the afternoon matinee together. She was an incredible seamstress.

Have any of your family and friends been inspired to take up any arts and crafts based on your career?

Haha I wish! It’s more a case of you sew...Could you just make me… Or just repair this for me please...! But I do love hearing from viewers when they say that they have been inspired to start sewing again.

When you’re crafting do you have a favourite snack?

I have a really sweet tooth, but it’s difficult to say with sticky fingers…!

What’s your favourite hot beverage (eg type coffee, tea, hot chocolate)?

I have a pretty full on life with all the animals and kids and everything else, so it is all fuelled by Bulletproof coffee. Look it up, it’s amazing!

While you’re crafting do you like to have music on, if so what type and do you find it helps your creativity?

Music, audio books and podcasts...

Do you have favourite place to craft in the home (eg, a dedicated craft room, in the kitchen, living room etc)

My workroom looks out over the fields where I can watch my horses grazing. It’s pretty special.

What’s your top crafting tip?

Never worry about the difficulty level, if you truly love a project you will raise your game to do it.

What is your funniest on-screen moment?

Rachel Pierman and the flange…...

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

I was once the international face of a drainage company, some people get L’Oreal I get drains! Oh the glamour! As well as sewing I am also a qualified fencing instructor, yup, I’m a whizz with a sword!

Natasha Makes

Aswell as being a presenter at The Craft Store, Natasha often guests and demonstrates for a range of suppliers including William Morris, The Quilt Room and many more! Her knowledge of sewing, dress making and quilting has inspired many viewers to try this craft and have picked up plenty of hints and tips from Natasha along the way.

Be inspired!